Welcome at Nijwie Furniture B.V.


Welcome at Nijwie Furniture B.V.

More style(s) for the same money...

Is it possible to produce environmental friendly, high standard furniture, adjust them to the wishes of the customer and nevertheless bring them to the market for an attractive price ? Nijwie Furniture B.V. has proved for some years now that this is possible. The company had success during the past boom and they still have. 

Respect is the keyword in Nijwie's philosophy. Respect for the rainforest which provide the tropical wood and respect for the Asian and European factory workers who manifactured the furniture. But also respect for the retailer who must earn suffiently for the end product and the customer who demands that added value for its money. Just like honesty, respect last the longest and form the basis for a long-term and succesful cooperation.


  • DCI-32
    Destress Collection
  • SJR-19
    Jowo Collection
  • MLC-04
    Marie Louise Collection
  • NC-09
    Napoli Collection
  • SDY-01
    Sandy Collection
  • Oak Table T001
    Oak Tables
  • Eiken tafels, diverse maten
    Eiken tafels
  • LC-01
    Laguna Collection